Easy to Locate  in Boca Raton

"I believe that my  personal attention to each client's legal matter is the cornerstone of each transaction in which the Firm is involved.  Support staff work closely with me, and always under my supervision.  My clients can communicate with me directly, rather than through the buffer of support staff.  Thank you for the opportunity to be of service."                           

                                                                          -- Cynthia A. Reed, Esq.

Personal Attention by the Attorney on Each Closing

About the Firm

FSU College of Law Graduate, 1986 ​(With Honors)

Admitted to Florida Bar  

in 1986

Practicing Law 26+ Years

Practice Including :

Real Estate Law

(Litigation and Transactions)​ 

for more than 20 years


301 Yamato Road

Suite 1240

Boca Raton, FL  33431

T: 561-953-1167

F: 561-807-3181 

Onsite: First floor

South of the Atrium

East of the Amitie Cafe